glass & facade maintenance

From facade repair to facade cleaning and from concrete repair to window washing. Property maintenance takes many forms, but glass and facade maintenance are perhaps the most common. For this work at height, you will find suitable equipment and the right machines at Doornbos Equipment. From various types of aerial platforms to high-pressure pumps with accessories.

Safe window cleaning and facade cleaning at height

Window cleaning and façade cleaning to heights of up to 50 meters can only be done safely with the right equipment. A window cleaner must be able to rely 100% on his machine under the challenging conditions of glass maintenance. Doornbos Equipment’s fleet therefore consists of only A-brand aerial platforms and is periodically inspected and maintained according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Safety is our top priority.

Very quiet and emission-free

Doornbos Equipment is getting ‘greener’! Because window washers and façade cleaners often work within populated areas, they have to deal with noise and emissions more often. With our large selection of hybrid and electric boom lifts, glass maintenance and facade cleaning can also be performed very quietly and without emissions.

A machine for every job

Doornbos Equipment has an aerial work platform for every glass maintenance project. Telescopic boom lifts are stable and can reach high. Not for nothing is the telescopic boom lift popular among window cleaners. Like the articulated boom lifts and spider lifts that allow them to easily reach hard-to-reach areas. For multiple jobs in one day or for more flexibility, our car lifts and trailer lifts are a good option. These can often be picked up directly from our offices in Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

Facade cleaning and high-pressure concrete repair

For efficient cleaning of facades, Doornbos Equipment offers (hot water) high-pressure units of 200, 350 and 500 bar. It allows you to rid contaminated facades of all kinds of deposits, graffiti or old layers of paint.
Facade maintenance also sometimes involves repair or remedial work on (concrete) structures. Doornbos Equipment has the right machines for this as well. We can remove concrete by high-pressure water technology (hydrodemolition). The reinforcement is retained in this process. We supply high-pressure pumps up to 3000 bar and have several tools to perform concrete repair in a safe and clean way.

Service and advice in glass and facade maintenance

Glass and facade maintenance is also important for you to be able to perform your work properly and safely. At Doornbos Equipment, we therefore always advise you free of charge and without obligation. Also on location! In addition, we are always available to you 24/7 and take immediate action if any malfunctions occur. We fix a failure on site, or change the machine.

Working safely at height

When it comes to glass and facade maintenance, you need to be able to rely on good equipment. But just as important is knowing how to work with it safely. For safe working at height, Doornbos Equipment therefore offers various safety training courses. Consider IPAF AWP training, harness training or working at height training.


Would you like more information about our glass and facade maintenance machines? Call us at +31 (0)10 – 850 8000 or +31 (0)20 – 840 3000. Of course, you can also email us using our contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible.


Renting, buying or leasing equipment for glass and facade maintenance?

Do you find it difficult to choose between renting, buying or leasing machinery? We have briefly listed all the choices and features for you.