12m GENIE scissor lift (wide) diesel rental?

12m GENIE scissor lift (wide) diesel rental? The GENIE GS 3390 RT is a diesel-powered scissor lift with a working height of 11.94 m. A scissor lift goes straight up, making it ideal for placement right next to a building or object. The platform of this machine can carry a maximum load of 1,134 kg. This includes operator and tools, for example. The 4×4 drive makes it possible to perform jobs on rough terrain as well.

  • GENIE is a well-known and reliable aerial platform brand
  • Simple operation
  • This scissor lift is suitable for outdoor work
  • When using a scissor lift, the use of fall protection is not mandatory
  • We can arrange driving plates, if needed for your operations

If you are inexperienced in operating an aerial work platform, we recommend getting an aerial work platform certificate. During an aerial work platform course, you will learn the things you need to pay attention to in order to work safely with an aerial work platform. The Doornbos Training Centre provides accredited IPAF aerial work platform training courses.



Working Height:

11,94 m

Platform height:

9,94 m

Platform dimensions in (L x W):

5.34 x 1.83 m

Platform dimensions out (L x W):

7.38 x 1.83 m

Platform extension:

1x 1.22 + 1 x 1.52 m

Max. lifting capacity:

1,134 kg

Max. lifting capacity extension platform:

227 kg

Max horizontal force:

about 40 kg

Max wind speed:

Wind force 6

Transport dimensions (LxWxH):

4.88 x 2.29 x 2.71 m

Transport height incl. railing:

2,71 m

Transport height excl. railing:

2,03 m

Total weight:

7,132 kg

Max skew:



Four-wheel drive:


Four-wheel steered


Wheelbase (c.t.c..)

2,84 m

Manual Stabilising:


Hydraulic Stabilising:






Power connection on work platform:


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