25m MANITOU telehandler rotary rental?

24.70 m Manitou telehandler diesel rental? The Manitou MRT 2550 is a diesel-powered rotary telescopic handler with a maximum lifting height of 24.70 m and a maximum horizontal reach of 21.40 m. The telehandler has a lifting capacity of 5,000 kg and is used for the safe movement of goods, where a horizontal distance must also be bridged.

– Manitou is a well-known and reliable telehandler brand
– Standard equipped with spoons. Optional: lifting arm or winch
– The premise is that you provide your own operator. If necessary, we could also take care of this for you

If you are inexperienced in operating a telehandler, we recommend getting a telehandler certificate. During a telehandler course, you will learn what things you need to pay attention to in order to work safely with a telehandler. The Doornbos Training Centre provides accredited telehandler training courses.



Max lifting height:

24,70 m

Lifting Height on Tyres:

21,80 m

Lifting Height on Stabilisers:

24,70 m

Max. Reach on Tyres:

16,00 m

Max. Reach on Stabilisers:

21,40 m

Max lifting capacity:

5,000 kg

Fork Dimensions (LxWxD): (LxWxD):

1.15 x 0.13 x 0.05 m

Transport dimensions: (LxWxH):

7.84 x 2.49 x 3.05 m

Total weight:

18,900 kg



Four-wheel drive:


Four-wheel steering:




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