Conjet Hydrodemolition Robot 101 Nalta

The Conjet Jetframe 101 Nalta enables selective concrete removal in tight, confined spaces that cannot be accessed by other methods. Thus the Nalta is suitable for work on horizontal, vertical and sloping surfaces, including ceilings and under bridge decks.

Nalta consists of a cutting head mounted on a frame. The frame features couplers that connect to standard scaffold tubes. You also have the option of designing a custom tube frame to meet your specific needs.

Even working underwater is possible.

Optimal for:

  • Bridge foundations
  • Dam surfaces and drains
  • Dry docks and wharf
  • Canals
  • Underwater

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Max. working pressure

3000 bar


Electrical; 1/3 phase, 50/60 Hz

Max reaction force:

600 N

Length per section


Weight per section

8 kg

Weight of lance unit

12 kg

Weight of step unit

9 kg

Weight of hydraulic unit

90 kg

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