Conjet Hydrodemolition Robot 557 H

The track-driven hydrodemolition concrete removal Robot 557 H is the ideal choice for parking garages, bridges and other horizontal surfaces. Together with an adjustable chassis, the robot is a versatile and compact solution with incredible manoeuvrability in confined spaces.

The Robot 557 H has been designed with the ability to extend the tracks, as well as sliding the main body, for easy positioning of the cut.

The robot, as a part of the 7-series, features the ONE control system making it as easy as any other robot in the same series.

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Diesel 18.7 kW or Electric

Max reaction force:

3000 N

Width / with widened tracks

1200 mm / 1900 mm

Cleaning width

2100 mm


3480 mm

Height (Minimum)

1450 mm

Total Weight

2.300 kg mm

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