For years we have been supplying the necessary aerial work platforms for maintenance and renovation work on homes and buildings. If required, there are options with power (230V) in the work platform. With property maintenance sustainability takes precedence. Often a house or building is adapted to the highest achievable energy label and the chosen maintenance solution must also be sustainable, thus with as little impact on people and the environment as possible.

Doornbos Equipment contributes to this by offering hybrid aerial work platforms in addition to the conventional diesel aerial work platforms. Our trucks are equipped with a clean Euro 6 engine and we also like to take the social aspect into account. Our vehicles have a ‘silent function’, which makes them quieter at the touch of a button, so that we can unload our machines early in the morning in a residential neighbourhood.

For more information, please contact us via your contact at Doornbos or by calling our rental department at +31 (0)10 – 850 8000, or by email.