Worldwide maintenance projects

Doornbos Equipment has experience in the worldwide rental of machines for maintenance work in shipping. The equipment is used for surface cleaning with high-pressure water jets. Cargo residues, old paint layers and rust are removed from the surface to apply a new or alternative layer. These projects take place during the shipping, the anchorage, the dry dock stay or the port stay.

Doornbos Equipment offers two full-service solutions for the proper implementation of maintenance operations: Quick Cleaning and Complete Cleaning.

Quick Cleaning

During the port stay, Doornbos arranges the complete maintenance on board. Loading residues, old paint and rust are removed before a new layer can be applied. For maintenance we supply high-pressure pumps with 750 to 1000 bar pressure (325 hp diesel units). This blasting is specific work done on a tight schedule. We therefore always offer 24/7 support.

Quick cleaning facilities

  • At our location in Rotterdam, located on quay
  • Antwerp and other European ports are within direct operating range

Complete Cleaning

To carry out the complete maintenance process, Doornbos Equipment has initiated the Complete Cleaning concept. This includes: the coordination of the work, the training of the personnel, the delivery of equipment, the provision of service and the delivery of parts. The delivery of equipment means the total supply of everything that is needed:

Optional when hiring equipment

  • Management
  • Coordination, advise and instruction for the correct use of the equipment
  • Transport, hoisting, storage, office space and workshop

Work environment

  • Aerial work platforms, fully automatic and manually operable
  • Scaffolding and aerial work platforms

We do our very best to serve you in a professional and efficient manner with the focus on safety and quality. For more information, please contact us via your contact at Doornbos or by calling our project manager Wim den Hartog at 010 – 850 8000, or send us an email via