Ship maintenance

For offshore work and work at shipyards, Doornbos Equipment offer specially prepared boom lifts. Because of the presence of salt water, but also because of the type of work, we specially prepare our machinery for extra protection against such working conditions. This is to provide additional protection for sensitive parts and to make adjustments to the machine in terms of safety.

We also supply specially prepared forklift trucks as well as (ultra) high-pressure pumps, vacuum units, and matching accessories. Thus, we offer a unique combination for this industry. All our boom lifts and forklift trucks are fitted with a system that allows us to check their use and location at any time.

Access control can be set by means of a card or code in order to prevent unauthorized use. We can offer 24/7 support in order to ensure that a ship or platform can be used again as quickly as possible.

Please contact us via your contact at Doornbos or contact our Rental department via 010 – 850 8000, or send us an email via