Forklift Training

The operation of a forklift truck requires specific expertise. You may know how the machine works in practice, but it is important that you are aware of any risks. The one-day forklift truck training offered by Doornbos gives you the correct skills and certificate to correctly, safely and efficiently operate a forklift truck. It gives you peace of mind while driving the forklift truck.

For whom?

The forklift truck course is suitable for both experienced and less experienced operators. You can follow the training for different types of forklift trucks. We will always use the machine you will be using in practice. Are you working in the petrochemical industry? It is also possible to follow the training with a SOG exam at the end.

The training day

The training takes one day and consists of a theoretical and practical part. In the morning we will focus on the theory; in the afternoon you will operate the forklift truck. Both parts will be tested in an exam.


  • Occupational health and safety legislation and legal provisions
  • Practical instruction and warnings
  • Specific machine features
  • Load diagrams
  • Picking up, transporting and depositing loads
  • Checks before initial use and daily start-up inspection
  • Dangerous situations

Recognized certificate

After you have successfully completed the training, you will receive a recognized TÜV forklift truck certificate. This certificate is valid for five years.


TÜV (Technische Überwachungsverein or Technical Monitoring Association) is a renowned international organization that deals with certification and testing of equipment, training and work processes, etc. Successful completion of your forklift truck training with Doornbos is internationally recognized as proof that you are able to safely and professionally operate a forklift truck.

Also possible with an SOG exam

Training dates

Training dates can be determined in consultation.