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Independent Breathing Protection (SOG) Training

The Independent Breathing course is essential for people who work in an environment with unclean air. In an area with gases, vapours and/or other hazardous substances, safety comes first. Breathing protection is therefore of great importance and makes it possible to work in these risky conditions. For the use of this independent breathing protection, good previous knowledge is required. A training course in independent breathing protection from Doornbos Equipment teaches you how to use the breathing protection and to limit the risks.


Not everyone who has to work in an area with hazardous substances has standard knowledge and/or experience with breathing apparatus. With the basic training in Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, participants learn how to work safely with compressed air in two days. Both the breathing apparatus and the airline systems are covered. Which respiratory protection equipment is available and how do you use it? During the Doornbos Equipment Independent Breathing Protection training, everything revolves around working safely.


The basic training is for, among others, employees who have never worked with breathing protection before. But also for everyone whose diploma is about to expire. For the latter group, a one-day refresher course is the best choice. The Independent Breathing Protection certificate is valid for three years.

Please note! Participants must have a valid medical examination. In addition, any facial hair must be shaved off beforehand so that the respiratory protection fits the face properly.


We offer participants the option of concluding the basic training course in Independent Respiratory Protection with an SOG examination. This is in accordance with the guidelines of the SSVV. A valid B-VCA or Full-VCA diploma is required for this.


The training starts with theory, so that later in the day the theory can be put into practice under the guidance of the instructor.
The theory includes the following subjects:

  • Respiratory protection in general
  • Self-contained breathing protection apparatus
  • Hose devices
  • Selection of respiratory protection devices
  • Monitoring and daily maintenance
  • Fire and explosion hazards
  • Choking and poisoning hazards
  • Moving parts
  • Organisation and personnel
  • Liability and work permits
  • Construction requirements and confined spaces, Manholes
  • PPE, hygiene and breathing apparatus

The teaching material during practical training includes:

  • Safe use and connection of the equipment
  • Various practical exercises
  • Training with compressed air equipment
  • Dependent and independent breathing protection
  • Mounting and dismounting of valves
  • Working in an emergency situation


Independent breathing protection (SOG) training: € 380,-

Pricing is excl. 21% VAT

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