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Working on Flange Connections Training

Working on flange connections requires attention and discipline. Opening and closing flange connections is not without risks and dangers. Incorrectly performing this assembly and disassembly work is always a lurking danger. It is therefore of great importance that employees familiarize themselves with these connections before they perform the work. At Doornbos Equipment, we provide two-day training courses on working with flange connections. With and without protocol.


The training is meant for employees who open and close flange connections at (petro)chemical sites. During the training Working on Flange Connections they learn to assess the risks and find out everything there is to know about safe preparation, execution and inspection. This reduces the risk of dangerous situations and company damage. Has the employee already followed the training, but is the certificate no longer valid? Then plan a one-day refresher course.


This course is also known as the Flange Mechanic course. We give this course to employees who work according to the protocol of the NEN-EN-1591. It is specifically intended for the assembly and disassembly of flanges with a specified torque. This is not without risk and should therefore be done accurately according to protocol. Participants become familiar with the procedures and safety measures.


It is not always mandatory to work according to protocol. In that case, a training course Working on flange connections without protocol is sufficient. This is the case when the participant opens and closes low-pressure flange connections during his work. Here too, the participant becomes familiar with all procedures, safety rules and risks. A certificate is valid for five years.


We offer employees at (petro-)chemical sites the opportunity to finish the training with an SOG exam that meets the guidelines of the Stichting Samenwerken Voor Veiligheid (SSVV). This applies to both training courses, with and without protocol.


This course consists of a theoretical and a practical part.

The theory contains the following subjects:

  • Safety and procedures
  • Tools and working methods for controlled tightening
  • Difference between low and high pressure flanges
  • Stud bolts and nuts (check with measuring gauge)
  • Explanation of the terms “relaxation” and “creep” in stud bolts
  • Gaskets applied in HD joints
  • Measuring and noting parameters
  • Flange protocols
  • Industry specific information
  • This part of the course is concluded with a theory exam.

After the theory you continue with the practice and you will learn:

  • Work on flanges (with the torque spanner)
  • Apply the flange protocol in your daily work
  • This part of the course is concluded with a practical exam.


Training Working with Flange Connections (WFPR): €500

Pricing is excl. 21% VAT

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