Atex training

The ATEX Directive prescribes what all work equipment and workplaces in hazardous areas must meet in order to work safely. ATEX stands for ATmosphères EXplosibles and includes two European directives for working in and with explosive environments. Explosion hazard occurs when flammable gases, vapor, mist or substances mix. If this mixture comes in contact with oxygen or an ignition source such as fire, it may result in an explosion. So it is not for nothing that the European Union created these directives with the main objective of being able to guarantee safety for the working and living environment! It is necessary to instruct employees so that safe work can be demonstrably and responsibly done.

Take ATEX training and get certified?

The ATEX (EX000 and EX001) training courses are designed for anyone who wants to learn the basics of working in explosion hazardous environments:

  • Understand the subject of explosion safety within the framework of the ATEX directives;
  • Be able to review, update and sign off on an explosion safety document;
  • Understand the laws and regulations governing explosion safety;
  • Be able to responsibly implement and maintain the proposed measures;
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The teaching material


The topics covered during this training are:

  • Background on ATEX, what is ATEX?

  • Explosion hazard

  • Legislation

  • Exceptions

  • Differences ATEX 114 and ATEX 153

  • Risks

  • Organization & explosion safety document

  • Coordination obligation

  • Explosive dust mixtures & LEL value and UEL value

  • Temperatures

  • Conductivity of dust

  • Ignition sources

  • Zoning, classification & types of zones

  • Practice approach

  • EPL (Equipment Protection Level).

  • Cleaning and dust area

  • Electrical equipment and BTO (ignition protection modes)

  • BTO gas explosion hazard

  • BTO dust explosion hazard

  • Manufacturer's requirements

  • Assembly

  • Indication on electrical equipment

Duration of training and exam

The training lasts 1 day and consists of a theory part only. After successfully passing the exam, the participant will receive a certificate. The certificate obtained is personal and valid for three years.

Training dates and prices

  1. ATEX (EX000) Awareness Training.
    Basic: € 500,-|Repeat: € 400,-
  2. ATEX (EX001) Training Basics.
    Basic: € 625,-|Repeat: € 500,-.

Prices quoted are excl. 21% VAT.