emergency response worker (ERO)

It is mandatory under the Occupational Health and Safety Act to train one or more FAFS officers within your company through FAFS training. A FAFS course covers all aspects of first aid as well as firefighting, evacuation, aftercare and communication. All under the guidance of professional instructors with practical experience and connection to your individual work situation. The course is completed with a written exam and a certificate bearing your name as a company emergency responder. You can also come to us for a refresher course.


  • Instructors with years of experience.
  • Small groups
  • Experience in training experienced, inexperienced, national and international participants.
  • Extensive time is taken to practice well in addition to theory.

Get ERO Certificate?

This certificate is mandatory and therefore indispensable for all companies, institutions and organizations in the Netherlands. Participation in the course does not require specific prior training.

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The teaching material


During this training we cover:

  • Recognize and fight an incipient fire;

  • Life-saving First Aid (LEH) incl. CPR & AED

  • Communication: alerting and evacuating people

  • Treating injuries

  • CPR and operating AED (Automated External Defibrillator).

  • Communicating with outside social workers

  • Fighting incipient fires

  • Properly deploy fire extinguishers

  • Preparing evictions

  • Systematic clearance

Duration of training and exam

The 1-day training takes place in a group setting with an average of 12 participants. Both theory and practice are covered; both parts are concluded with a test. Participants who hold a valid first aid diploma with a CPR endorsement will be exempted from the Life-Saving Acts section. The certificate obtained (according to NVB standard) is personal and valid for 1 year.

Training dates and prices

  1. First aid (BHV) Training
    Basic: €265,- | Repeat: €225,-

Prices quoted are excl. 21% VAT.