IPAF aerial work platform training

When working safely at heights, a reliable aerial work platform is very important, but just as important: knowing how to use our aerial work platforms correctly, safely and efficiently. That’s why at Doornbos Equipment we teach the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) aerial work platform course. A course that goes beyond the basics. Internationally recognized and renowned throughout the AWP industry.

Why get your aerial work platform certificate at Doornbos Equipment?

  • Lots of knowledge available; rental, sales and service of all types and brands of aerial work platforms.
  • IPAF accredited training center.
  • Instructors with years of experience.
  • Experience in training experienced, inexperienced, national and international participants.
  • Theory available in several languages.
  • The premise is that you will be trained in the type of aerial work platform you will be working with.
  • Extensive time is taken to practice well in addition to theory.
  • A large proportion of training is also offered as e-Learning. Then you do the theory at home online and only the practice at one of our locations.

Training in own type of aerial platform

When working with an aerial work platform, you may find yourself in high-risk situations. During the IPAF AWP course at our Doornbos Training Centre, you will learn to assess all risks. And we like to take our time for that, because we don’t compromise on quality and safety at Doornbos Equipment. We therefore also prefer to use the type of aerial work platform you yourself work with in our training courses.

Is AWP certification required?

Having a AWP certificate is not a legal requirement, but the Occupational Safety and Health Act does state that an employer is responsible for providing thorough, competent training for employees to perform work safely. In the event of any accidents, the labor inspectorate and insurer will need to be convinced that operators were competent to operate the AWP safely. The burden of proof here is on the employer! So don’t take unnecessary risks and make sure you have an aerial work platform certification.

SOG AWP Training

Candidates with IPAF AWP certificate (category 1B, 3A and 3B) are exempted from the relevant SOG-P “Working with an AWP” diplomas.

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During this one-day training we cover:

  • Occupational health and safety legislation and legal provisions

  • Driving, positioning and risk analysis

  • Environmental and soil conditions

  • Inspections before commissioning

  • Wind and weather condition

  • Personal protective equipment

  • Hazardous occurrences

Duration of training and exam

IPAF courses 3A/3B and 1B/3A/3B last one day
The IPAF training (1A/1B/3A/3B) lasts 2 days.

The course days conclude with a theory and practical exam. Upon successful completion of the course, the participant receives an internationally recognized certificate. (PAL Card). It is personalized and valid for five years.

Requirements and details
No specific prior education is required for the AWP training.

  • Training is also regularly conducted in English.


You can choose from the following AWP training courses with us:

IPAF AWP training courses cover 4 categories of AWPs: 1A + 1B + 3A + 3B. These categories refer to the type of AWP being used:

  • IPAF 1A: Static one-person mast lifts
  • IPAF 1B: telescopic / articulated boom lift / boom lift on trailer or chassis / spider boom lift with outriggers
  • IPAF 3A: a self-propelled scissor elevator or self-propelled one-person vertical elevator
  • IPAF 3B: self-propelled telescopic or articulated boom lift
  1. AWP Complete Training – 1A 1B 3A 3B: € 799.
  2. AWP Training – 3A 3B: € 275.
  3. AWP Training – 1B 3A 3B: € 325.
  4. Aerial work platform training – e-Learning*: € 245.

Prices quoted are excl. 21% VAT.

*Many of our training courses are also offered as e-Learning. You then do the theory yourself online and only the practical part (if applicable) you do on location. You choose in the calendar the day you want to do your practice.