Roadside worker safety

Working along the road is not without its dangers. Not only the road worker, but also the road user faces certain risks. To ensure safety, safety rules and risk assessments are indispensable. Doornbos Equipment’s one-day training course: ‘Working safely along the road’ gives road workers tools to reduce risks and create a safe working environment.

Safe roadside work is essential

Safety in roadside work depends on many factors. But the most important are the passing road users and, of course, the workers themselves. If either of them is not paying attention, a dangerous situation can arise. Through Doornbos Equipment’s Safe Roadside Operations training, employees learn to reduce and control risks. This is how we create a safe working environment together. This training is for all employees who work along roads. Consider, for example, road builders, cable layers, landscapers or pavers.

Why a training course?

Safe Roadside Operations training brings employees up to speed on safety duties and responsibilities. Based on the rules, they can use road closures to create a safe working environment for themselves, as well as for road drivers. All according to CROW guidelines. Applying these rules also helps prevent traffic congestion and congestion. Has an employee already obtained the certificate, but it expires soon? Then schedule a one-day refresher course.

CROW 96b

Safe roadside work consists of two parts. Doornbos Equipment provides only the CROW 96b training:

  • Working safely along the road; standard measures on non-motorways, according to the guidelines of CROW 96b
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The teaching material


The following course material will be covered during the training:

  • Occupational health and safety legislation and regulations

  • Roles, tasks and responsibilities

  • Preparing a safe work environment

  • Placing and removing deposits

  • Performing roadside work

  • Alignment requirements basic measures in common standard situations

Duration of training and exam

The different training variants all last 1 day. The certificate is valid for five years.

Training Dates and Prices

You can choose from the following Safe Working Along the Road training courses with us:

  1. Training Safe Working Along the Road: (standard measures on non-motorways) (CROW 96B): € 245.

Prices quoted are excl. 21% VAT.