Safe Moving of Loads (VVL)

Also called the hoist supervisor or rigger training. Many industrial accidents and damage occur due to the improper use of machinery and equipment. A lifting guide can prevent them. Doornbos Equipment offers different types of VVL training:


  • Much knowledge available regarding lifting operations.
  • Instructors with years of experience.
  • Experience in training experienced, inexperienced, national and international participants.
  • Professional training setup available for hands-on exercises
  • Theory available in several languages.
  • Extensive time is taken to practice well in addition to theory.
  • Various VVL training courses also conclude with SOG exam for petrochemical workers.
  • A large proportion of training is also offered as e-Learning. Then you do the theory at home online and only the practice at one of our locations.

VVL Basic Training

Basic and refresher training in Safe Moving of Loads (VVL) is designed for employees who are encountering lifting operations for the first time, or experienced employees whose certificates have expired. This one-day training will cover the various lifting and hoisting equipment.

VVL-H Training (SOG).

The Safe Moving of Loads Using Hand Lifting Tools (VVL-H) training course is designed specifically for employees who, for example, in factory plants and structures, independently hook, transfer from hook to hook and move loads with hand lifting tools such as hoists, chains, trolleys and beam clamps.

ABvL Training (SOG).

The Attaching and Supervising Loads (ABvL) course is designed specifically for employees who independently attach and supervise loads using a dynamic lifting device operated by a (crane) operator. Loads are limited to pipe parts, fittings, relatively small equipment, such as electric motors and parts of structures of limited size. The training is also known as rigger training and hoist supervisor course.

Overhead Crane Training

This special training covers in-depth coverage of hooking and moving loads using an overhead crane.

SOG Exam

The VVL-H and ABvL training at Doornbos Equipment is concluded for employees in the petrochemical, maritime and industrial cleaning industries with an SOG exam in accordance with the guidelines of the Stichting Samenwerken Voor Veiligheid (SSVV).

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The teaching material


During this one-day training we cover:

  • Terminology

  • Type of lifting equipment and tools

  • Factors affecting lifting operations

  • Roles and responsibilities of persons involved in lifting operations

  • How to inspect and safely use lifting equipment

  • How to strike a load safely and correctly

  • How to properly communicate with the crane operator during lifting operations

  • How you can make a valuable contribution if you are involved in lifting operations

  • Common tap types and their operating principles

  • Factors affecting during lifting operations

  • The roles and responsibilities within the (lifting) team

  • The standard arm and hand signals and radio terms

  • Be able to determine the weight, center of gravity and characteristics of a load

  • Describe most of the lifting tools used and how to apply them

  • Have to perform pre-use inspection and know the rejection criteria of lifting equipment

  • The most common ways of striking

  • Describe how to perform lifting operations safely

The teaching material

duration of training and examination.

The Hoist Supervisor and Overhead Crane courses take one day to complete.
The VVL-H SOG course lasts for 2 days.
The ABvL SOG training takes 3 days to complete.

Have the exams been successfully completed? Then the participant will receive certificate upon completion. This allows you to demonstrate your mastery of both theory and practice as well as your ability to work safely.

This certificate is valid for 5 years and meets the safety requirements of both insurers and the Occupational Safety and Health Act.

Requirements and details
No specific prior education is required for forklift training. However, participants must be at least 18 years old. In addition;

  • VVL trainings are also regularly conducted in English.
  • A valid VCA certificate is required for the VVL-H and ABvL SOG training courses

Training dates and prices

You can choose from the following variants with us:

  1. Lifting Supervisor (Rigger) Basic Training: € 285,
  2. Overhead crane: € 245.
  3. VVL-H SOG (Safe Moving of Loads with Hand Tools):€685.
  4. ABvL SOG (Attaching and Supervising Loads): € 1,250.

Prices quoted are excl. 21% VAT.