STAP Grant

Take training with STAP subsidy

At Doornbos, we believe it is important to provide space for personal development. We are therefore pleased to see the central government has launched a new initiative that allows employed and job seekers to use subsidies to attend training, education or courses. The grant is called STAP, which stands for Stimulating Labor Market Position. A STAP budget of up to €1,000 per year can be requested.

All Doornbos training courses are eligible for STAP funding.

Who can apply for STAP budget?

As a working person or job seeker, you can apply for the STAP budget once a year via An application period starts every 2 months. Has a period’s grant run out when you want to apply? Then try again in a subsequent application period. (OP = OP)

Conditions STAP budget

However, there are some conditions for applying for STAP budget:

  • You are over 18 years old and not yet receiving AOW (whether or not you work, receive benefits or are an entrepreneur is irrelevant to your application).
  • You or your partner have Dutch nationality or another nationality of a country within the European Union.
  • You are nationally insured (you are if you have lived, worked or received benefits in the Netherlands for at least 6 months in the past 27 months).
  • You have not yet received a STAP budget this calendar year and there is still budget.
  • You can get STAP budget for this training (according to the STAP training register).
  • Once the application is approved by the UWV, the amount is paid to the trainer. The UWV administers and executes applications.

How do you sign up for Doornbos training with STAP budget?

  • You choose from 1 of our courses on our website
  • Select a desired date in the training calendar.(Please note, this date must be at least one month later than the sign up date).
  • You will go through the application process on our website. In ‘comments’ enter: ‘step budget’
  • After your registration through our site, you will receive a preliminary confirmation.
  • Within 72 hours, you will receive a STEP APPLICATION EVIDENCE from us.
  • With this STEP APPLICATION NOTICE, go to the website just before 10 a.m. on the respective sign up date. You log in with your DIGID.
  • Officially sign up to use the STAP subsidy by completing the steps on the UWV_STAP website, using the information on our STAP REGISTRATION DOCUMENT
  • Please note that only once you have received approval from the UWV on your grant application is it approved and only then is your training date confirmed.
  • The UWV imposes some conditions to confirm successful completion of training.
  • If you meet all the conditions, the UWV will reimburse the training costs directly to the trainer.
  • You will then receive the official training certificates from us.


Are you interested in taking a Doornbos Training Centre course using the STAP budget, but still have questions, or find the procedure difficult? Feel free to give us a call at +31 (0)10 – 850 8084. We are happy to go over your requirements with you.

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