Due to heavy loads and (often) uneven ground, risks lurk when using a telehandler. To ensure the safety of all workers, we teach you how to properly use a telehandler. We will cover different loads you may encounter in practice, safety instructions, attaching and detaching different parts and daily maintenance checks.


  • Lots of knowledge available; rental, sales and service of Manitou telehandlers.
  • Instructors with years of experience.
  • Experience in training experienced, inexperienced, national and international participants.
  • Theory available in several languages.
  • The premise is that you will be trained in the type of (Manitou) forklift you will be working with.
  • Extensive time is taken to practice well in addition to theory.
  • Training also concludes with telehandler SOG exam for petrochemical workers.
  • A large proportion of training is also offered as e-Learning. Then you take the theory at home online and only the theory exam and (if applicable) the practical exam at one of our locations.

Undergo Telehandler Training and Obtain Certificate?

This certificate is for anyone using telehandlers with a lifting function and a maximum operating load moment of 10 ton-meters. The training is suitable for both experienced and inexperienced telehandler users.

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The teaching material


During this one-day training we cover:

  • Occupational health and safety legislation and legal provisions

  • Features, safety instructions and warnings

  • Load flight tables and load provisions

  • Daily maintenance check and commissioning

  • Practice instruction and warnings

  • Vehicle inspection and driving test

  • Picking up, transporting and putting away loads

  • Attaching and detaching attachments

Duration of training and exam

Separate telehandler training courses last one day.

The course days conclude with a theory and practical exam. Have the exams been successfully completed? Then the participant will receive the telehandler certificate upon completion. This allows you to demonstrate your mastery of both theory and practice as well as your ability to work safely. This certificate is valid for 5 years and meets the safety requirements of both insurers and the Occupational Safety and Health Act.

Requirements and details
No specific prior training is required for the telehandler course. However, participants must possess a valid driver’s license B and;

  • For professional drivers, a telehandler course also counts for 7 hours of Code 95.
  • Training is also regularly conducted in English.
  • A valid VCA certificate is required for the SOG Telehandler training course

Training dates and prices

You can choose from the following telehandler training courses with us:

  1. Telehandler Training – Starre: € 350.
  2. Telehandler Training – Rotary: € 385,-
  3. Telehandler Training – SOG: €465.
  4. Telehandler Training – Complete (Starre & Roto): € 799.
  5. Telehandler Training – Roto Jib + Winch up to 10 ton meter: € 485.

Prices quoted are excl. 21% VAT.