Working at Heights

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, work above 2.50 meters already constitutes “working at height. Working at heights involves risks. In this training you will learn to become aware of potential hazards, learn what tools are available to perform work at height safely and minimize the risk of accidents.

Get working at height certificate?

Working on Heights/Safe Working at Height training is designed for anyone who will be working at heights where a drop belt is required. The training also covers positioning techniques. Upon request, the course will be adapted to the specific working conditions of the participants.

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The teaching material


This training consists of a theoretical and practical part covering the following topics:

  • Laws and regulations regarding climbing and working at height

  • Explanation of the operation and use of various personal fall protection equipment

  • Inspection and maintenance of fall protection

  • Unsafe work situations

  • Demonstration rescue equipment and acting after an accident

  • Practical exercise with different types of fall protection

Duration of training and exam

The training lasts half a day and consists of a theory part only. After successfully passing the exam, the participant will receive a certificate. The certificate obtained is personal and valid for three years.

Training dates and prices

  1. Working at Height Training: € 150

Prices quoted are excl. 21% VAT.