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NEN 3140 VOP (Sufficiently Instructed Person)

Employers are obliged to ensure that employees working on or near low-voltage electrical installations have sufficient expertise and that it is also clear who can do what and who is responsible for what (Working Conditions Act, Section 3.2). Employees of companies that work with or on electrical installations must be aware of the dangers and risks that the work entails. The NEN 3140 VOP basic course is intended for everyone who carries out simple work on electrical installations. As a continuation of the NEN 3140 VOP basic course it is also possible to follow the refresher course.
NEN 3140:2011 (Operation of electrical installations – Low voltage) describes how companies meet this health and safety obligation and how they can prevent electrical risks.

Contents of the basic course NEN 3140 VOP

  • Electrical hazards and accidents
  • Electrotechnical hazards
  • Electrocution
  • Short circuit
  • Preventing short circuits

Electrotechnical operations and legislation

  • Legislation and history
  • Occupational health and safety legislation
  • The NEN 3140

Working safely with competent personnel, procedures and PPE

  • Introduction
  • Personnel
  • Periodic instruction
  • Work and maintenance procedures
  • Working without power in accordance with NEN 3140
  • Permission to start work
  • Working in the vicinity of active parts

Working with a work permit and switch report

  • Safety procedures in accordance with NEN 3140
  • Work permits and work on low-voltage installations
  • Switching letter, switching notice or supplementary switching manuals
  • Working on a distributor

The NEN 3140 VOP basic course takes one day.

During this course day, our certified instructors will teach you all the dangers and risks you need to know in order to safely carry out simple work on electrical installations. You will also learn how to limit the dangers and risks as much as possible. With a VOP certificate, the employee proves that he or she knows electrical risks, recognises them and can prevent them with specific measures, and knows where his or her responsibility begins and ends.
If you successfully complete the basic course, you will receive a NEN 3140 certificate and a Doornbos pass. These are valid for three years.