Safe Lifting of Loads e-Learning (Theory Online + Practise on Site)

This course will help you to gain theoretical and practical insights on the essentials of the crafts involved in lifting loads (slinging and signalling / rigging).

Which topics will be taught?
  • Terminology
  • Types of equipment
  • Factors that influence the type of equipment to be used
  • Roles & responsibilities of the people involved
  • How to inspect and use rigging gear
  • How to sling a load
  • How to communicate with the crane operator during lifting operations
  • How to be a valuable team member when you are involved in lifting operations
In short, you learn:
  • How to work safely in the lifting industry;
  • Which lifting tools can be used and how to use them safely;
  • Your rights and responsibilities while working in a lifting team.
At the end of the theorectical module, you will take a final test. The test consists of 25 multiple choice questions, of which you must pass at least 18.
At the end of the practical sessions, you will conduct an end-test as well. You have than the opportunity to demonstrate that you master the skills taught by the trainer and combine those with your theoretical knowledge and understanding.