Buy Woma ecotherm 800 high pressure unit?

With temperatures up to 95°C, facades, small pipes, industrial floors and other surfaces can be easily cleaned, oil and grease washed away and coatings removed. The compact and lightweight single-axle trailer can be transported to the job site with almost any mid-size car. The easy-to-understand WOMATIC 4-Control with operating state monitoring, pressure-speed control and pressureless circulation ensures high operating reliability, low wear, long service life and, last but not least, minimum fuel consumption. The 5-chamber tank system including safety tray prevents the escape of liquids such as fuel, oil or plasticizers.




Max. working pressure:

800 bar

Max flow rate:

32 (L / MIN)



Max. engine power:

54 kW

Heat output:

190 kW

Water tank:

80 (L)

Heat oil tank:

200 (L)

Total Weight:

2100 KG

Dimensions (L x W x H):

4150 x 1950 x 2240 mm

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