Water as a Tool

High-pressure cleaning, water jetting, water jetting, they are all terms of a versatile technique that uses water at (ultra)high pressure to clean, process, cut, demolish and remove.

With the right combination of pressure and liters (and movement speed) and the use of the right accessories (tools), contaminated surfaces can be easily cleaned again or surface layers removed very precisely.

The use of high-pressure water technology often provides a faster, cleaner and safer solution for various applications, compared to existing alternative methods.


  • Dust-free
  • Spark-free
  • Very focused and very precise
  • Tap water is used
  • Hot water high-pressure units (up to 95°C) are available for e.g. degreasing surfaces and removing stubborn dirt
  • No abrasive materials or chemical additives required
  • Less residual waste
  • Often faster application compared to alternative methods
  • Wastewater can be collected, and possibly filtered and recycled


Working with high-pressure water technology is also not without its dangers. Therefore, all high-pressure equipment is inspected in accordance with the regulations of the Industrial Cleaning Foundation (SIR), which establishes guidelines for the safe application of high-pressure water technology. In addition, as a distributor of TST, we offer special high-pressure protective equipment to perform high-pressure work safely and protected. More and more robotic high-pressure tools, which are remotely controlled, are also entering the market.

Could high-pressure water technology be of interest to you, but have no experience with it yet? You can request a demo from us. Based on your situation, we will then set up a test setup and demonstrate the possibilities using various tools.