Boilers, tanks, pipes, plants or production halls. From construction to maintenance and inspection to cleaning. For any project in the (petrochemical) industry you will find the right equipment at Doornbos Equipment. From aerial work platforms, forklifts, telehandlers and mini cranes to high-pressure cleaning machines and vacuum units for industrial cleaning.

Working at height in industry

Working at heights can only be done safely with the right equipment. Especially in a complex and demanding industrial environment. Doornbos Equipment therefore has a wide selection of aerial work platforms that are ideally suited for the different types of maintenance and inspection work within the industry. Our fleet consists of only A-brand aerial work platforms and is periodically inspected and maintained according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Safety and continuity are our priority

Lifting, hoisting and moving

In industrial projects, you often have to deal with heavy loads. Doornbos Equipment offers a wide range of forklifts, telehandlers and mini cranes. Ideal for safe lifting, hoisting, transporting and (re)positioning of, for example, tanks, goods and structures. Among others, we offer diesel-powered forklifts from 2.5 to 5 tons, (rough terrain) telescopic handlers with ranges from 4 to 25 meters and a mini crawler crane with a lifting capacity of 5 tons.

High-pressure (industrial) cleaning

The thorough cleaning of process plants, pipelines, machinery, (storage) tanks and heat exchangers, or the preparation and treatment of different types of surfaces. Doornbos Equipment offers a solution for every challenge in an industrial environment with high-pressure water technology. Among other things, we have high-pressure units from 200 to 3000 bar and various accessories, such as spray guns with different types of heads, surface cleaners and remote-controlled (crawling) robots. Up to 1000 bar, we also clean with hot water.
Our high-pressure equipment is all SIR (Industrial Cleaning Foundation) approved.

Suction, collection and disposal

Industrial cleaning and maintenance operations sometimes release dry or wet substances. With our vacuum units, we can directly extract, capture and dispose of these substances so that they do not disappear into the water, air or ultimately into the environment. Doornbos Equipment offers vacuum units in a variety of designs and with different drives for both dry and wet substances.

Service and advice in industrial projects

It is also important for projects in the industry to be able to perform your work properly and safely. At Doornbos Equipment, we therefore always advise you free of charge and without obligation. Also on location! In addition, we are always available to you 24/7 and take immediate action if any malfunctions occur. We fix a failure on site, or change the machine.

Working safely in industry

Good equipment is of great importance. Especially in an industrial environment. But just as important is knowing how to work safely. Therefore, for projects in the industry, Doornbos Equipment offers various training courses to work safely with equipment and to work safely in hazardous environments. Consider VCA training, IPAF/SOG aerial work platform training, (SOG) forklift training and (SOG) telescopic handler training.


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