Rent, Buy or Lease?

At Doornbos Equipment, you can rent, buy or lease machinery and equipment. From high-pressure units, tools and accessories to vacuum equiopmetn. What exactly are the differences and the advantages and disadvantages?

Renting machines

Renting machines has several advantages: you do not have to make large investments and do not face unexpected costs for such things as maintenance and repair. It offers you more financial freedom, because insurance, interest and depreciation are not your concern either. In addition, you only pay for a machine when you really need it. When the work is done, just hand it back in.

If you use equipment on a daily basis, then it may be more attractive to buy. Still, even then (temporary) rental can be interesting to test the machine properly in practice first. And do you not use (some) machines permanently, or do you occasionally need extra capacity? Then renting machines might be a better option. Doornbos Equipment will be happy to advise you on this.

Buying machines

The biggest advantage of buying a machine is optimum flexibility. If you need the machine, you can always have it immediately. You also decide how long to keep it and when to sell it again. Purchasing a machine often qualifies you for tax benefits such as the investment deduction and depreciation and interest deductions.

One disadvantage of buying a machine: it’s a hefty investment. In addition, maintenance, any defects and repairs outside the warranty are at your own expense.

At Doornbos Equipment, you can buy both new and used machines.

Leasing machines

Do you need a machine often, but lack the financial resources? Then a machine lease may be the solution for you. You enter into a contract for a certain period of time – for example, 48 or 60 months – which makes the installment amount lower than with renting. In addition, you keep room to invest in your core business.

If you choose Operational Lease, the cost of service, maintenance and repair is also covered. So, as with rental, with Operational Lease you don’t face any unexpected costs. The machine remains the property of the supplier, although you often have an option to buy at the end of the term. With Financial Lease, maintenance and service costs outside the warranty are at your own expense. The machine does become property at the end of the term.

Are you considering leasing a machine? Doornbos Equipment will be happy to advise you.

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