Rent a vacuum unit

Doornbos rents out vacuum units for vacuuming and blowing dry and wet substances, including water, grit, asbestos and oil. These are available in different versions, such as container, trailer, truck or skid.

When you rent a vacuum unit from us, we also have some additional accessories available, including storage tanks, cyclones, diesel tank, work container and trailer.

*The vacuum trucks and the skid in the overview are only available for long-term rental in the Netherlands.

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Industrial Cleaning Catalog – Doornbos Total Supplier

ADR vacuumtruck


EcoVac 12,0/316 ADR

Sludge tank

12,000 liters

High pressure combi

Max. capacity

3500 m3/h

High pressure pump

1000 bar / 110 l/min

Vacuumtruck with blower

Max. capacity

2,750 m3/h blower

High pressure pump

140 bar / 70 l/min