Hydrodemolition, or hydro demolition, is a concrete removal technology that uses high-pressure water to remove damaged concrete, asphalt and/or mortar. This method offers several advantages over traditional methods. Traditional methods used in concrete demolition often have the disadvantage of damaging the reinforcement and allowing cracks to appear in the concrete. So the healthy parts of the concrete also get damaged. In addition, the vibrations cause the reinforcement and concrete at the site to loosen.


  • There can be demolition without damaging the reinforcement / rebar
  • It creates an excellent bonding surface for new concrete
  • It does not cause micro cracks
  • Work can be done dust-free
  • Is suitable for selective and non-selective removal

Selective removal is the preferred method when only the affected concrete needs to be removed.
Non-selective removal (also known as “hydromilling”) is the preferred method when concrete must be removed to a predetermined depth, regardless of the quality of the concrete.


For your hydrodemolition work, Doornbos has several concrete demolition robots in its fleet. For optimum safety, these are remote-controlled and can be pre-set to exactly how deep you want to remove concrete. You can rent and buy these machines from Doornbos.


The best results are achieved by matching your entire water jetting setup as optimally as possible. In addition to choosing the right tool, we are also happy to help you choose the right high-pressure unit. When you rent a high-pressure tool from us, it can only be done in conjunction with a high-pressure unit. After all, we want to make sure the setup is tailored to your operations. Even if you are buying, we are happy to think with you about your ideal setup. With multiple dealerships of leading brands, we have a suitable tool and high-pressure unit up to 3000 bar for virtually any high-pressure job.

We also have equipment in house to vacuum, collect and even dispose of the loosened surface with our vacuum offering. Well environmentally friendly!

Be sure to perform the work safely. As a TST distributor, we can also help you with the necessary protective equipment specifically designed for this industry. For all of our safety and operator training, please refer to our complete training offerings.

Discuss your project and/or challenge with our experts at +31 (0)10 – 850 8000, send an email to hp@doornbosequipment.com or request a quote directly: buy or rent.

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