Buy Woma 550z plunger pump?

With working pressures up to 1500 bar and flow rates up to 605 l/min, these Z Series plunger pumps are the ideal hand tools for industrial cleaning tasks such as paint stripping and descaling. The plunger guide ensures long life of the sealing system. The sealing water system used prevents leakage, enables particularly high durability of the high-pressure seals and prevents air ingress. Due to the built-in central valve design, these plunger pumps have a high volumetric efficiency even at high pressure.

Carbide plungers are used in pumps with a working pressure of more than 1,000 bar, which are particularly robust and have a long service life, resulting in low maintenance costs. A special feature of the Z Series is a second shaft end to which another pump can be connected, doubling performance if needed. All gearboxes of WOMA pumps have an integrated oil cooling system. In addition, all WOMA pumps are certified to Atex (ExII2GDT5).



Min/Max. workload:

650 - 1,500 bar

Min/Max. flow rate:

89 - 362 (l/min)

Max power required:

428 kW

Total weight:

1,430 kg

Dimensions (L x W x H):

1517 x 1067 x 620 mm

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