Buy hose protection?

Working safely also means working with reliable high-pressure hoses. Parker high-pressure hoses meet stringent safety requirements. In addition, Doornbos also has its own testing facility to ensure the quality of the hoses. For added safety, Doornbos also supplies accessories from quality brand TST, which significantly reduce the chances of any hose breaking.

Polyflex Lok: Simple and reliable hose coupling system
UHP Swivel Fitting: Special fitting between the hose and a tool, which provides extra mobility of the hose.
Parker ToughJacket: Double-layer high-pressure hose design
Protective hoses: Extra hose for around the high-pressure hose
TST Protective Covers: To protect vulnerable parts of the body
TST Hose breakage protectors: Protection applied around vulnerable connections such as at the pump, foot pedal or lance.

Learn more about TST protective equipment: >500 bar or 500 – 3000 bar.