From aerial work platforms to forklifts, telehandlers to mini cranes and gators to industrial cleaning machines. At Doornbos Equipment, you can rent equipment for any job.

Working at heights can only be done safely with the right equipment. Doornbos Equipment therefore rents a variety of reliable aerial work platforms suitable for any project. And also for lifting, hoisting, transporting and moving people and equipment, you have come to the right place at Doornbos. We rent a wide range of machines for heavy loads and/or people.

Are you looking for equipment for high-pressure cleaning of tanks, pipes, tubes, ship walls and surfaces, for example? Doornbos Equipment rents a suitable solution for every challenge with high-pressure water technology from 350 to 3000 bar. And with our vacuum suction systems, you can directly suction, collect and dispose of loose layers.

Benefits of renting

Renting equipment has several advantages: it saves you large investments and you never face unexpected costs for maintenance and repair, for example. You also never have to worry about insurance, interest and depreciation. Plus, you only pay for equipment when you really need it. When the work is done, just hand it back in. Are you considering buying a machine? Then (temporary) rental might also be interesting to test the machine properly in practice first. And do you not always use (some) machines, or sometimes need extra capacity? Even then, renting is a good option. Want to know more about renting, buying or leasing? Doornbos Equipment will be happy to advise you on this.

  • The rental specialist for decades

  • We have worked with many of our clients for many years

  • Sharp prices

  • Need a machine quickly, somewhere in NL? We'll take care of it!

  • 1 Contact Person; available 24/7

  • Service. In case of a breakdown, we take immediate action (including at night and on weekends). We repair on site, or exchange the machine

  • Wide range of "green" machines: electric, hybrid and diesel (with particulate filter/after-treatment system)

  • Years of experience in sectors such as; events, maritime and offshore, industry, construction and infra, painting, glass and facade cleaning, landscaping and awnings and solar panels

  • Well-maintained, large fleet of A-brands

  • Certified and accredited center for training in safe operation of equipment