Hire high pressure and vacuum equipment

Tanks, pipes, tubes, facades, windows and other surfaces. Whatever you want to clean or treat, Doornbos Equipment rents out a suitable solution for every challenge with high-pressure water technology from 350 to 3000 bar.

From high-pressure pumps for industrial cleaning to a wide range of accessories for cleaning and treating surfaces with high-pressure water technology. Think of floor cleaners, cutting sets, crawling robots and sets for concrete removal. You can rent the right equipment for every job at Doornbos Equipment. And with our vacuum extraction systems you can immediately extract, collect and dispose of loose layers.
Advantages of renting
Renting high-pressure machines and accessories has several advantages: it saves you major investments and you never face unexpected costs for maintenance and repairs, for example. You also never have to worry about insurance, interest and depreciation. In addition, you only pay for equipment when you really need it. When the work is done, you simply return the equipment.