High Pressure Guns

Doornbos supplies various types of high-pressure guns in different pressures.

350 – 500 BAR
High pressure gun with mechanical dry shut off valve. (A) When you squeeze the trigger, the valve opens and water comes out under high pressure. The water flow will stop by simply releasing the lever.

UP TO 3000 BAR

Mechanical overflow gun. (B)
When the gun trigger is released, the bypass valve will open and water will continue to flow virtually pressure-free.

Electronic gun; Jet gun with electrical control signal. (C)
An electrical signal is sent through a cable to the high-pressure pump. The signal ensures that when the trigger is released, the water flow will stop.

The best gun ultimately depends on the job, pressure/liters needed and operator preference. Discuss your project with one of our experts to select the correct gun configuration.



Max. Pressure:

350-3000 bar

Max. Flow:


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